Access DLR terms and services

The Access DLR Service and its booking process are governed by the following terms and policies, as updated from time to time:

  1. Bookwhen Terms
  2. Bookwhen Privacy Policy
  3. TfL Data Protection and Privacy Policy
  4. Transport for London Conditions of Carriage
  5. These Access DLR Terms of Service

By completing a booking request online or by phone, you acknowledge and accept all the above terms and policies.

Summary of services

The Access DLR Service allows you to request assistance on the DLR for the following:

  • A representative can meet you at an agreed-upon time and place on the DLR network, such as the station platform, lift area, station entrance, ticket machines, or a platform bench
  • Help getting on or off a train (excluding ramp usage)
  • Carrying one item up to 10kg for handheld luggage or up to 23kg for wheeled luggage (these limits may change, for example, if staff are required to push a wheelchair)
  • Meeting you from your agreed meeting point and taking you to the agreed drop-off point
  • Help navigating around the station
  • Assistance with directions

Summary of exclusions

The Access DLR Service does not include or extend to the following:

  • Anyone under 18 without an accompanying adult
  • If our representatives are subjected to any form of verbal or physical abuse, or if they believe you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the Access DLR Service will be immediately withdrawn
  • We cannot guarantee we can provide the service if the customer does not arrive at the correct meeting place on time


You agree that KAD shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property, or for any losses (including indirect and consequential losses) that could occur or arise as a result of your use of the Access DLR Service. You also agree that KAD shall not be liable in the event that the Access DLR Service is cancelled, as described further in Clause 5 below.

Cancellation of the access DLR service

While we will use reasonable efforts to provide the Access DLR Service, there may be situations where we cannot, such as a shortage of representatives, security issues, or station closures. In these instances, we will use reasonable efforts to contact you beforehand and notify you of the cancellation. However, in some instances, this may not be possible.

If you wish to cancel, reschedule, or amend a confirmed booking, you should contact the number provided on your booking confirmation.

Marketing and personal data

You acknowledge that to provide the Access DLR Service, your personal data needs to be shared with KAD, TfL, and other third parties. This data will be used and processed according to the Book when Privacy Policy referenced in Clause 1 above.