Social media

Our current social media accounts are listed on the Social media pages of our website.

House rules

We want to encourage an honest and forthright but polite and respectful conversation on social media. You can help make that happen by following our house rules.

  • Don't write anything discriminatory, racist, abusive, obscene, inflammatory, or unlawful
  • Don't write anything defamatory
  • Avoid talking about open court cases or police investigations
  • Don't use copyright material without the owner's permission
  • Don't use this forum for self-promotion or commercial gain
  • Don't post irrelevant comments
  • Don't spam our posts

Make the social web a nice place to be:

  • Aim to be fair, truthful and accurate
  • Take issue with the opinion, not the person
  • Be respective of other people's reputations
  • Be gentle when pointing out someone else's error or misinterpretation
  • Don't spam others - it makes it hard to have a real conversation
  • Remember that tweets from TfL are written by TfL staff, who are people too

Comments and replies

To maintain a safe and welcoming environment for others, we may ask users to stop sending messages and remove or report posts or comments that break these rules. We may report patterns of disruptive activity or block users where we deem it necessary.

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and will join the conversation where we can contribute something useful.

We read all messages and comments and we reply to as many customer questions as we can. We don't guarantee to reply individually to every message we receive via social media.

Please don't include personal information such as your Oyster card number, phone numbers or bank or payment card details in your message or comment. If we need this information to resolve an issue, we will contact you privately.

Sharing and copyright

All content produced by TfL on our social media feeds and pages is protected by copyright. However, you are encouraged to share our updates provided that you acknowledge us as the source (and do not change the sense or misrepresent us).

We retweet and share content from partners and subsidiary organisations, and consider any requests to retweet content from others based on relevance and propriety. We reserve the right not to satisfy such requests at our discretion. Being retweeted or shared by us does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Third party platforms

By using TfL social media feeds and pages, you are agreeing the terms and conditions of those third party platforms.


Twitter Terms and Privacy policy.


Facebook Terms and Privacy policy


LinkedIn User agreement User agreement and Privacy policy


Instagram Terms of use and Privacy policy

Contacting TfL through social media

We use a third party tool called Sprinklr to manage all the comments that customers send through social media. This tool records your data including your social media name and your comment. If we request any information to help answer your question - for example, a phone number so that we can call you - it is also recorded on the tool and any comment we provide in response.

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy and handle all personal data in accordance with privacy and data protection legislation and our own information governance policies. Please visit our Privacy and cookies pages for further information about the ways TfL may collect and use your personal information.