Why report

We understand that if you experience unwanted sexual behaviour, you might want to forget about it and move on. You're not alone, over 90% of people don't report.

Text 61016 or call 101 *

Reporting can help us stop it from happening

No incident is too small or trivial. Our officers are trained to deal with these sort of cases. You will always be taken seriously and we will treat you with respect and dignity.

Help us stop the offenders

We have thousands of officers trained and able to deal with unwanted sexual behaviour. We use your information, as well as CCTV and witness accounts, to help us identify and stop those responsible. There is often a pattern to offenders' behaviour, so your information could lead to an arrest when added to other reports. We can send uniformed or plainclothed police officers to locations with multiple reports to prevent offences before they happen.

You might feel that the offence was too minor to report, but we take all incidents seriously.

Successes so far

In the first year of the campaign , reports of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport increased by 33% compared to the previous year and arrests increased by 36%.

Text 61016 or call 101 *

* Your mobile service provider may issue a small charge