Report suspected fraud or corruption

Here are some examples of the types of fraud and corruption against TfL which we want to hear about.

  • Fraud within our supply chain (for example, overcharging by suppliers, rigged tenders, undisclosed gifts and hospitality or conflicts of interest)
  • Payment fraud (for example, payment diversion or cheque fraud)
  • Revenue fraud (for example, counterfeit ticketing, abuse of travel discounts or concessionary schemes, false claims for refunds or fraudulent avoidance of penalty charge notices)
  • Employee benefits fraud (for example, fraudulent pension claims, inappropriate overtime payments, undisclosed secondary employment, abuse of employee or nominee travel passes)
  • Theft or misuse of assets (for example, theft of spares or scrap, theft or sale of TfL property, misuse of TfL assets such as company vehicles)
  • Unauthorised access to TfL systems and confidential information

Reporting your suspicions

If the fraud or corruption you are reporting is against TfL, we want to hear from you.

When you report your suspicions, include as much information as possible on the electronic form on this page.

Once you push the send button, the information will be sent to the Counter-fraud & Corruption Team at TfL. This will allow the team to fully investigate your concerns.

We would encourage you to provide your contact details on the form. This will allow our counter-fraud specialists to speak with you, if necessary. However, we understand that sometimes people don't wish to be contacted. If you prefer not to hear from us, you can state this on the form.

Due to the sensitive nature of our investigations, we cannot always provide full details of actions we have taken. Where appropriate, we aim to provide you with a conclusion.

If you haven't provided us your details, we will not be able to provide updates.

What to do if you have been a victim of fraud

If you have personally been a victim of fraud on our transport system, report it directly to Action Fraud or the police (online or on 101), unless it's an emergency. They can provide you further help, advice and support.

Legal note

This form is for members of the public to report concerns that they may have about fraud or corruption affecting TfL. You are not classed as a whistleblower for the purposes of any report you wish to make using it. However, we do treat the information we receive in the strictest confidence.

Whistleblowing generally applies if you are a worker and you report certain types of wrongdoing to your employer. TfL has its own whistleblowing policy and procedure for its workforce.

If you are a TfL employee, agency worker or contract worker, and you wish to report wrongdoing as a whistleblower then visit the internal TfL intranet (Platform) and search for SafeLine.