Support after a road traffic collision

If you've been injured during, or affected by, an incident on TfL services, we will support you. Find out how to get this support via The Sarah Hope Line.

How we support victims after serious road traffic collisions

We're collaborating with the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and charities Brake and RoadPeace on a pilot service to improve support for victims of the most serious road traffic collisions.

The service will enhance the level of support available and make it easier for victims to access the support they need after incidents which can devastate lives.

Working with the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police, we launched the pilot service in autumn 2023. It is accessible through direct referral from the police - victims are offered a referral into the service and, with their consent, their details are passed to Brake and RoadPeace.

Dedicated, trained caseworkers, co-ordinators and volunteers staffing the service use their training and experience to ensure that victims and others affected by incidents get high-quality support.

People affected by the most serious collisions and those experiencing a bereavement or catastrophic injury get support through:

  • Named caseworkers recruited by Brake - they can provide emotional and practical support for each victim including help navigating the justice system, advocacy and help accessing specialist services if needed
  • Longer-term aftercare support provided by RoadPeace, specialising in peer-to-peer support, via dedicated London support groups, a telephone befriending service and an 8-week trauma support programme for families bereaved by road deaths

Support is available in person for those who need it, as well as over the phone and online.

Over a one-year period, we will evaluate how the pilot service is working and what could be done next.

Other support after a road traffic collision

If you, or someone you know, needs support after a road traffic collision, several organisations offer services that can help depending on your individual needs.

On its website, the road safety charity Brake lists useful organisations that:

  • Support road victims
  • Support people through justice and legal issues
  • Support people bereaved by any cause
  • Help you seek expert legal help
  • Have information about treatment after serious injury
  • Support people with disabilities
  • Provide lists of therapists who can assess needs and provide treatment

Brake's National Road Victim Service is a free support service if you are bereaved, seriously injured or helping a road crash victim. They can help you get the help you need from people and services in your community. Call 0808 8000 401 or email

RoadPeace operates a helpline that offers emotional support and practical guidance including information on the post-crash process. This can take the form of alerting callers to specific information guides or putting them in touch with other members. Call 0800 160 1069 or email