People sleeping rough are highly vulnerable and require support from specialist outreach and other services. Our safeguarding team assess reports of rough sleeping from front line staff and works with the relevant support services to assist the vulnerable individuals.

We work with many support services including, but not limited to, St Mungo's, Spear London, Thames Reach, CGL, Shelter and The Passage.

How you can help

If you're concerned about someone who is sleeping rough, please visit the StreetLink website or download the app.

StreetLink, the national referral service managed by St Mungo's in partnership with Homeless Link, is the best way for you to report someone you are concerned about who may be sleeping rough.

By using StreetLink, customers can alert local authorities and homelessness organisations to people sleeping rough in their area. The information helps the outreach teams to locate people and connect them with the local services available to them to help them off the streets.

Working with Thames Reach

Along with the Greater London Authority, we have commissioned Thames Reach to deliver an outreach service working exclusively on public transport. The team works every night of the week right across London's public transport system, responding to referrals from Streetlink and information provided by us.

Over 40 people were accommodated directly via the team in various short or long term accommodation in 2021. A further 70+ clients were assisted further by linking with external service and other outreach teams.