Staying safe

Whichever mode of transport you choose, you should always report unattended bags, luggage or suspicious activity to staff or a police officer immediately. If no staff or police are available, our stations have Help Points which will connect you to a member of staff.

Buses and trains

These tips may be useful if you are travelling at night. Take particular care if you are travelling after drinking.

  • Plan your journey in advance as much as possible and make sure you know your route and stop
  • Check the times of the last buses, Tubes and trains
  • Have your ticket, pass or change ready so your purse or wallet is out of sight and keep bags zipped and valuables secure
  • Look out for Help Points and passenger alarms - use them if you feel threatened. These will connect you to a member of staff 


  • Try to lock your bike in a designated parking facility
  • Don't leave your bike in the same place every day
  • Secure your bike safely by locking both wheels and the frame to the cycle stand or another immovable object
  • Take removable items, like lights and pump, with you
  • Register your cycle

Learn more about cycle security and avoiding theft.

Taxis and minicabs

  • Always use a licensed taxi (black cab) or licensed, booked minicab. You can use our licence checker to check validity
  • Book your minicab by phone, email or in a minicab office. Never approach or accept a journey from a minicab driver off the street. Only taxis (black cabs) can be stopped by customers and can pick up off the street 
  • When your booked minicab arrives, make sure the minicab driver can confirm your name and destination. Check this before you get in the vehicle 
  • Check the minicab driver's photo ID
  • Never risk taking an unbooked minicab. You can also use Cabwise to have your two nearest minicab numbers and one taxi (black cab) number texted to your phone


  • Be especially careful if you are travelling after drinking. Many injuries are alcohol related
  • If you drop anything onto a train track don't try to pick it up, just ask a member of staff or use the Help Point
  • Don't board a train if you feel unwell. If you're already on the Tube and start to feel unwell, ask someone to open the end car windows or operate the slide mechanism above the seats to increase ventilation
  • Don't use the passenger alarm between stops unless it's a real emergency (eg if someone collapses). Staff can assist you more quickly at the station
  • If the passenger alarm has been activated, move away from any immediate danger. Remain calm, open windows for ventilation and wait for instructions from a member of staff or the emergency services
  • If any part of the train is at the platform, the train will stop. If the train is between stations, the driver will continue to the next station where assistance will be available
  • It is safer to remain on the train unless instructed to leave by staff or emergency services. Emergency lighting is provided on all trains but it may be useful to use your mobile as an additional source of light
  • If you are carrying luggage, use the lift instead of the escalators where possible
  • If you have to use the escalators to carry luggage, place it securely on the step and hold on to your luggage and the handrail

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