Online and mobile

You can check live bus arrival times - just search for your stop or choose your route number and we'll show you a list of bus arrival times.

Facebook TravelBot

Use our automated service on Facebook Messenger to find out when your next bus is due The service is free and uses our latest data.

To check, type something like: 'When's the next bus' or 'next bus'. You will then be asked to share your phone's location, or enter the bus stop code if you know it.

Text message

Send a text to 87287 with your bus stop code and we'll send a reply with live bus arrival information for that stop. From overseas networks, use +44 7797 800 287.

Texts cost the standard network rate, plus a 12p charge to receive the response. Texts via overseas networks are charged at the network's standard roaming rate only, but are limited to five per day. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Bus stop code sign

Find the bus stop code

The bus stop code is a black, five-digit number on a sign above the timetable.

Countdown signs

Our Countdown Signs provide live bus arrival information at 2,500 stops in London. New technology means improved readability for all our passengers.

Temporary removal of signs

We sometimes have to temporarily remove the Countdown Signs so that we can repair or upgrade shelters. View the list of affected bus stops:

Depending on the complexity of the work, it can take some time before we put the sign back. Until then, please use this site or text us to get live bus arrival information.

Digital Signs

If you're an organisation keen to offer employees and customers the benefits of live bus arrival information on your premises, the Digital Sign is the solution.

The Digital Sign can display up to four bus stops on your organisation's TV screens and PCs, and is ideal for venues like hospital receptions, town halls, schools, colleges and shopping centres.

Find out more about Digital Signs.