Our award-winning Digital Sign service is a unique and innovative way to provide your customers or employees with live bus arrival information. And now, it's easier than ever to make it a part of your organisation.

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About the Digital Sign

The Digital Sign is a packaged service which uses our live bus arrival data to display up to four bus stops and a map of your local area which pinpoints the displayed stops. Each bus stop on the map has its own arrival board showing predictions for bus arrivals.

We provide the Digital Sign as a web link (URL) so it can easily be configured to automatically display in a web browser on your own TV screen or a PC. This means you can get your Digital Sign working quickly and at minimal cost.

Suitable locations

Digital Signs work best indoors, so they can easily be set up in places like hospital receptions, town halls and libraries, as well as commercially-owned premises like shopping centres, supermarkets and entertainment venues.

Benefits for you and your customers

  • You can display the Digital Sign on your own equipment, which makes it quick and easy to set up
  • Having the Digital Sign on your premises is an economical and low-cost way to provide useful travel information for customers and employees, especially those who are vulnerable or unfamiliar with the area and might benefit from planning their journey in advance
  • Whether it's other transport mode information, weather updates, local news, or your own advertising, the Digital Sign can be used at the same time
  • Your Digital Sign displays the same information as all our other Live Bus Arrivals services, so if service disruptions affect local routes, messages are displayed prominently on the sign to make sure your customers are kept well informed
  • Instead of dedicating staff and other resources to creating and maintaining your own live bus arrival information service using the API, we can:
    • Create a sign for you - just let us know which stops you want to display or we can even pick the stops for you
    • Make changes to the order of the stops displayed, etc, or make a quick change at your request
    • Offer expertise if you need help to decide which stops to display for your customers
  • Displaying up to four stops on one sign means that customers can make more informed decisions quickly and at a glance

Interested in a Digital Sign?

For more information about the Digital Sign, or to request a welcome pack, contact Digisign.countdown@tfl.gov.uk.

Once we receive your completed application form we'll review it and check the location and stops to be included as well as the technical capabilities. Once agreed by both parties, we'll then set up the service and provide an exclusive web link (URL) which contains your unique Digital Sign.

*Digital Signs are not for individuals but for organisations wishing to display bus arrival information. If an individual wishes to access this information please use live bus arrivals.