Using buses in London

Buses are an easy and affordable way to travel around London, with 95% of Londoners living within 400 meters of a bus stop and our Hopper fare giving you unlimited journeys within one hour of touching in for just £1.75. Find out more about our fares.

All London buses are low or zero emission, so you'll be contributing to improving London's air quality and you won't have to worry about parking your car either.

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Planning your bus journey

  • Download our TfL Go app which has interactive maps, live bus times and much more
  • Our online Journey Planner tool can also help you plan journeys based on real time information
  • Search our wide range of bus maps and our buses nearby page to find local bus routes or one of our 19,000 bus stops near you
  • You can also check for any disruptions to your journey on our bus status updates page
  • We put personal safety and security above everything, and we have measures in place so you can ride with confidence on the bus network
  • We also have strict cleaning and hygiene arrangements, which can be found on our guidance on safer travel in London
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When you're at the bus stop

  • All of our stops have a sign showing the stop name, the route numbers which serve the stop and information about which destinations the bus is heading towards
  • Our stops also display printed route maps and timetables and some have digital countdown signs offering live information on when your bus is arriving
  • It's important for you to make yourself visible close to the stop. If you can, signal to the driver to indicate you want to get on
  • Please allow customers space to get off the bus first before you start to board 
  • If the driver indicates that the bus is full, they may ask you to wait for the next bus to keep everyone safe
  • Sometimes we have to close bus stops due to roadworks, marches and sporting events. We'll always let you know by placing a yellow cover over the sign at the top of the stop. We'll also do our best to give you information at the stop about alternative bus routes you can use. Remember you can also check for disruptions while you're at the stop by visiting our bus status updates page
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When you're on the bus

  • Remember to have a valid ticket or Oyster card before you travel. You can also use a contactless card or payment device. For more payment information, visit our bus and tram fares webpage
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly drivers can provide you with travel information about your bus journey. Please be kind to your driver - they play a vital role in keeping London moving
  • Our low-level buses are fully equipped with ramps to help you board with your wheelchair or mobility scooter
  • They also have dedicated wheelchair spaces which are always prioritised for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. The space can be shared with a buggy owner, providing the driver believes the space is big enough and the wheelchair user or mobility scooter user agrees
  • All buses have clearly marked priority seats for anyone who needs them. Please look up and offer your seat to anyone who may need one more than you. Remember that not all disabilities are visible, so be considerate to everyone when travelling
  • We also offer free 'Please offer me a seat' badges to help you get a seat
  • Free travel mentoring is available to help you travel more confidently. One of our specially trained and dedicated travel mentors will accompany you on a journey to help you travel independently
  • If you'd like more information on any of our accessible services, visit our transport accessibility page
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Getting off the bus

  • The next stop information is displayed on information screens inside the bus and automatically announced on all of our buses
  • Press the bell before your stop to give the driver plenty of notice that you want to get off the bus. Remember to do this on hail and ride sections in outer London too, where there may not be a physical stop
  • Take care when stepping down off the bus and always look out for pedestrians and cyclists before alighting the bus

A helpful and friendly guide to using buses

We've updated our signage inside our buses to provide you with all of this information there too. You can download this helpful guide below for more information.

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We'd like to hear from you

TfL runs the bus service but we do it for London. For this reason, your feedback, input, comments and suggestions are crucial to help us improve and maintain a bus service we can all be proud of.

So, no matter how big or small your comment is, we want to hear it. You can get touch with us about our staff or other enquiries via our website or call one of our dedicated customer service advisers on 0343 222 1234.

We'll always do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can and make every effort to fully investigate your query and reach an outcome you're happy with. However, if you're unhappy with our response and would like to take your comments further, contact London TravelWatch by visiting the London TravelWatch website or by calling 020 3176 2999.