Over 6 million people use London's bus services every day and your safety is our priority. At each of our bus stops, you can find the stop name, which routes stop there and in which direction they travel. Most stops also have timetable and local route information.

Bus drivers look out and stop for customers waiting at the stop but it is helpful if you are clearly visible at the stop and signal if possible. Having your Oyster card, contactless card or Travelcard ready will also help everyone get on the bus quicker. All London Buses are cashless

hailing a bus

Getting on our bus services

Bus drivers always look out for anyone waiting to board a bus. They will give you time to board safely, but once the doors have been closed please let the bus leave safely and wait for the next bus. Use our live bus arrivals application to find out when the next bus will arrive.

All our buses have ramps for those who need help getting on or off. Once on board please either touch your card or payment device on the yellow reader or show your ticket or pass to the driver. Please move down inside the bus and use all available space and seats including upstairs on double decker buses.

stop a bus

Getting off our bus services

All our buses are fitted with audio-visual next stop information to help customers know where they are on their journeys. When you hear your stop announced, press the bell once and in good time. This lets the driver know you intend to get off.