Sometimes, people make assumptions about reporting that put them off reporting unwanted sexual behaviour. These are not always accurate.

Text 61016 or call 101 *

They'll never catch the offender

There is extensive CCTV coverage across the transport network. We use this footage, the information you give us and witness accounts to help us identify and catch those responsible. There is often a pattern to offenders' behaviour, so your information could lead to an arrest when added to other reports.

I don't want my parentsĀ or partner to find out

You can report in complete confidence. However, if you're under 18, we'll need a guardian there to submit your statement. If you're worried about telling them, remember that you are not to blame. The offender is the only person in the wrong. We will always contact you via your preferred method and will never speak to anyone else about the case without your permission.

It might have been an accident

You can report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. We will investigate whether it was an accident or not.

It's just part of London life, it's no big deal

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable on their journey. No incident is too minor - we take every report seriously.

It won't be taken seriously

You will always be believed, taken seriously and treated with respect.

The police have bigger things to worry about

Unwanted sexual behaviour is totally unacceptable. Nothing is more important than your safety. We'll always believe what you tell us and investigate every report.

It didn't seem serious enough to report

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can report. It might not be a criminal offence, but the person might have done this sort of intimidating behaviour before. We will take it seriously and the information that you provide will help us stop it happening again.

Text 61016 or call 101 *

* Your mobile service provider may issue a small charge