What happens next

Once you've reported and the police have determined that it is a crime, an assigned officer will be there to help you through the whole process.

Giving a statement

If you want the police to investigate what happened to you, you'll need to give a statement. You don't have to go to a police station. They can visit you where you feel most comfortable. It could be at home, school or work. You can discuss beforehand if the officer who takes the statement wears uniform or plain clothes.

Follow up meetings

If the police find and charge the offender, you may need to make further statements and come to the police station for an identification process. They will support you throughout this process.

Going to court

If the offender is charged and pleads not guilty, there will be a hearing. You may be called to give evidence. The police will support you through the process.

Telling your parents / partner

The police won't tell them but it's best if you do. If you're under 18, you'll need a guardian with you when you make a statement. They will be required to sign it and provide contact details so we can contact you and them in future.

If you don't want to make a statement, you don't have to. The police can still use the information you have given to help tackle sexual harassment. But giving a statement can help us identify and catch offenders, and prevent others from experiencing harassment.

If the offender is caught

The police or the Crown Prosecution Service will decide if the person should be charged with an offence or offences. If they are, they will have to appear at court and plead guilty or not guilty. If they plead not guilty, the case will go to trial and you may have to give evidence against them.

Changing your mind

It's fine to change your mind. You are encouraged to make a report but the police can still use the information you have given to help us tackle sexual harassment. If you change your mind after making a statement, there is a risk the court proceedings could be stopped. It would depend what stage the proceedings are at. They could be stopped all together, continue without your evidence, or you might be required to give evidence in court.

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