Report it to stop it

Tackling unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport

Text 61016 or call 101 *

90% of unwanted sexual behaviour on London transport goes unreported. We want you to feel confident on your journey and know exactly where to turn if you need help. If you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can report by text or phone.

Text what, where and when to 61016 or call 101.

You'll get a reply within 24 hours.
Your assigned officer will be there to help you through the process.

What can I report?

Unwanted sexual behaviour is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

You can report anything of a sexual nature, including rubbing, groping, masturbation, leering, sexual comments, indecent acts, or someone taking photos of you of a sexual nature without your consent. You don't have to prove that it was a criminal offence or intentional to report it, we can investigate that for you.

Text 61016 or call 101 *

*Your mobile service provider may issue a small charge