The Road User Charging Adjudicators (RUCA) are an independent tribunal which decides appeals against Congestion Charging, Low Emission Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone penalty charge notices. They are supported by London Tribunals, an administrative body operated by London Councils. In the normal course of events both you and TfL will have to comply with any decision made by the tribunal.

If you disagree with our decision to reject your representation, you have the right to appeal to the tribunal.

  • To appeal you need to complete the form sent with the Notice of Rejection
  • Do not send this to us but to the address shown on the appeal form
  • You may opt for either a personal or postal hearing

Remember you only have 28 days from the date of service of the Notice of Rejection to appeal to the tribunal.

  • You need to provide all your evidence to the adjudicator and not us
  • When we are notified of your appeal by the tribunal, the PCN will be frozen at the relevant amount that is outstanding at that time
  • We will provide an evidence pack to the tribunal and will provide you with a copy of this evidence
  • The adjudicator will then make a decision looking at the evidence in your appeal and our evidence pack. When considering a case, adjudicators cannot consider mitigating circumstances or apply their discretion
  • A copy of the adjudicator's decision will be sent to both you and us

Appeal allowed

If your appeal is successful you will receive a decision from the tribunal outlining that your appeal has been 'allowed'. This means that either we have reconsidered the evidence and now decided not to contest the appeal or that the adjudicator has considered the facts and found in your favour. This will mean that you may no longer be liable for the PCN, and if you paid the PCN the money paid will be refunded.

Appeal refused

If your appeal is unsuccessful you will receive a decision from the tribunal outlining that your appeal has been 'refused'. This means that following consideration by the adjudicator, the tribunal has found in our favour. In the decision you receive from the tribunal, the adjudicator will outline the reasons why the appeal has been refused and give direction as to the amount that should be paid to us and how quickly this must be paid.

More information about the appeals process can be found at the London Tribunals website.