Enforcement agents & bailiffs

All enforcement agents acting on our behalf are certified in a County Court and operate in accordance with governing legislation and our contractual requirements.

Equita Limited

Email: info@equita.co.uk
Phone: 0870 558 1581
Fax: 01604 634460
42-44 Henry Street
Northampton NN1 4BZ

JBW Group

Email: customercare@jbw.co.uk
Phone: 0844 576 3620
Fax: 0844 576 3621
PO Box 58
Darlington DL1 9AE

Marston Group Ltd

Email: customercare@marstongroup.co.uk
Phone: 0845 074 3749
Fax: 01992 803001
PO Box 12019
Epping CM16 9EB

TASK Enforcement Ltd

Email: service@taskenforcement.co.uk
Phone: 0845 680 0581
Fax: 020 8523 0042
PO Box 66480
London E17 0PB

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