Mayor of London

London Underground

The Tube handles up to 4 million passenger journeys per day. At peak times, there are more than 538 trains whizzing around the Capital. More than 1.3 billion passenger journeys were made on the Tube in 2015/16.

Investing in the future

More people than ever are using the Tube, with more trains running than at any time in its history.

However, some of the equipment being relied on is decades old - including a signal box from 1926 still in use at Edgware Road.

For the Tube to continue working smoothly, continued improvements are essential.

We are carrying out a multi-billion pound programme to increase capacity and accessibility and to run services more reliably and more frequently.

It includes introducing new trains, signalling and track, and rebuilding some of the busiest and most complex stations.

Projects already completed include:

  •  Addition of air-conditioned train to the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, District and Circle lines
  • The redevelopment of King's Cross St. Pancras, which has quadrupled the size of the station, increased capacity and cut congestion
  • Improved signalling on the Jubilee line, resulting in more frequent trains
  • Upgraded track and signalling as well as new trains on the Victoria line. Thirty-four trains now run every hour during peak times

Learn more about our work to improve the Tube.

Managing the Tube

We are responsible for all aspects of the Tube's operations including running the trains, stations and control centres, making sure the Tube is safe and secure, and collecting and protecting fares revenue.

We are also responsible for the maintenance and renewal of most of the infrastructure used by the Tube, although some services run over track that is the responsibility of Network Rail.


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