Improving London Overground

We promise:

  • To further improve the reliability and capacity of our service
  • That all stations will be controlled and staffed while services are operating
  • To maintain a clean physical environment
  • That we will make journeys easier for our customers, supported by technology
  • To deliver improvements with the best possible value for money
  • To expand the London Overground network 

London Overground is one of the best performing railways in the country. Over the past three years, it has consistently performed among the top rail services in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction.

This proven success and London's need for more and better rail services to support its growth needs has set the benchmark for London Overground moving forward and we need to continue to improve.

We reinvest all our income to run and improve your network so you can expect to see more improvements to stations in the future.

We've already installed WiFi at 79 stations, improved ticket halls and ticket gates, installed lifts, widened entrances, improved shelters and increased cycle parking as well as making continuous improvements to enhance accessibility, reliability and service frequency. Our stations are staffed from first train to last and our staff are equipped with devices to keep them up-to-date with the latest travel information.

London Overground 5-car trainOne of 57 additional carriages we've added to the network to improve capacity

Improving services

Five car trains

We've added a fifth car to trains on most London Overground lines. This means increased capacity of 25% which will help reduce overcrowding and improve your travel experience.

London Overground train engineer£2 million is being invested in safety modifications to existing trains

New trains for West Anglia services

Over £200 million will be spent on 31 brand new London Overground trains for services to Chingford, Cheshunt and Enfield Town (as well as Romford to Upminster). The new trains will feature walk-through carriages, air-conditioning, live network information and improved accessibility.

We expect the trains to be in service by 2018. Until then we are investing over £2 million to pay for modifications to existing trains inherited from Abellio to ensure they meet our expected standards.

New trains for Gospel Oak to Barking and other Overground services

The Department for Transport and TfL are co-funding the electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking line and the work is being carried out by Network Rail.

This will involve erecting overhead power lines on over 10 miles of track, altering the heights of bridges, lowering tracks in a number of locations and removing vegetation.

Work is already underway with the majority of the civil engineering work expected to take place in 2016.

During the work, we will also be extending platforms which will allow us to double the length of trains on this route from two-car to four-car in order to improve capacity on this part of the network.

Eight new electric trains, as well as six trains for other parts of the network, will roll out from early 2018.

Station team at Norwood JunctionStaff are present at all of our stations from first train to last

Improving stations

As well as London Overground improvements across the whole network, we are also improving your local stations and the service you receive.

Staff information

London Overground staff are now equipped with devices to help customers with live information on route disruption, departure times and station facilities.

White Hart Lane station

We are working closely with Haringey Council as they regenerate the North Tottenham area. As part of these plans we are improving White Hart Lane station. This will include:

  • New station entrance, ticket hall, station facilities and station forecourt
  • New pedestrian entrance from Penshurst Road
  • Improved access from street level to platforms, including new lift access and new platform canopies
  • Improvements to the area around the station including new cycle parking
  • Improvements to the former station building

Crystal Palace canopies

We have built new canopies at Crystal Palace station. This means that customers will be able to keep dry whilst boarding and waiting for trains, and will reduce the need for passengers to gather by the stairs to keep dry in inclement weather and reduce congestion in the station.

New ticket machines for the ex-Abellio routes

All ticket offices at ex-Abellio route stations now have our latest ticketing machines. This will ensure that customers can buy Oyster cards and top-ups on their journey.

Later service on the route from West Croydon to Highbury & Islington

From May 2016 we will be adding additional evening services (Monday to Saturday), increasing frequency by 50% after 22:00, and aiming to provide customers with a 15-minute service.

There are now four trains per hour between 22:00 and 23:30, on the following routes:

  • Dalston Junction to New Cross
  • Highbury & Islington to West Croydon
  • Highbury & Islington to Crystal Palace
  • Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction

Improving West Anglia

Since taking over the Liverpool Street to Enfield Town, Cheshunt and Chingford routes we have been working hard to ensure customers get the best service London Overground can provide.

In the past 12 months we have:

  • Staffed every station from first train to last
  • Equipped staff with devices to keep them up-to-date with the latest travel information
  • Integrated the lines into Journey Planner and Twitter
  • Carried out improvement works to platforms, stairs and station facilities to improve accessibility
  • Repainted stations and improved the shelters, benches, lighting and fencing to improve the look and feel of your station
  • Added additional ticket vending machines and improved facilities at some stations
  • Installed ticket gates to reduce fare evasion
  • Improved cycle parking at some stations
  • Improved safety and security at many stations by updating the digital CCTV, installing new help points and improving lighting.

We have improved the reliability of the trains by 80% since June 2015 and punctuality has remained above 92% since November 2015.

Last month London Overground services had a punctuality of 97.53% compared to the UK average of 89.8%. We measure this monthly. Punctuality is defined as percentage of trains arriving at destination within five minutes of timetabled time.

To reduce overcrowding we have decreased the number of short train services by 75% and trains that are cancelled due to a TfL decision have decreased by 50% since June 2015. We are working with National Rail to decrease this even further.

A £1.2 billion project currently underway will add 45 new trains to the network. 35 will be specifically for these  routes. The trains will enter service in early 2018 and will be equipped with the latest technology including full air-conditioning, enhanced passenger information systems and WiFi.

While we await the arrival of these new trains, we are investing over £2 million to pay for modifications to existing trains inherited from Abellio to ensure they meet our expected standards. We are also working on longer term repairs and improving train interiors to improve your journey.

Improving accessibility

Half of London Overground stations now have step-free access from street to platform.

A further eight stations will be made step-free by 2019 as part of the Department for Transport's Access for All scheme

West Hampstead station development

We are building a brand new station building in West Hampstead on land to the south of the existing one. The new building will have lifts to both platforms and will be bigger and brighter than the current station with twice as many gates and a much larger concourse.

The station has received £1.8m in funding from the Department for Transport's Access for All fund and £900k from the adjacent Ballymore housing development. The remainder is being invested by TfL.

The new station is designed to accommodate future growth in passenger numbers, with more gates and a much larger passenger circulation area.

This is the largest Access for All scheme on the London Overground network and is a key interchange for north west London, given the proximity to West Hampstead's Thameslink and Underground stations.

Work has now begun and will take approximately 18 months.

While we are building the new station building, the existing station will remain open until the new one is complete.

South Tottenham station development

Work has been completed at South Tottenham station, improving the ticket hall and building two new lifts and walkways which make the station step-free.

The £2.5 million programme means the 600,000 passengers using the station each year will have step-free access from platform to street as well as a new entrance and bike stand area. The CCTV has also been upgraded and the new gateline will mean more space for customers travelling through the station.

Improving your future railway

Rail transport in London is going through a period of massive enhancement. The scale of the projects is unprecedented. Constructing new routes which interchange with the current network, while operating existing services and introducing additional service offerings, is a huge challenge with great potential benefits for our network.

Whitechapel station

In preparation for the introduction of the Elizabeth line in 2018, we are working closely with Crossrail Ltd on the rebuilding of Whitechapel station. This will provide an interchange between London Overground and the new service.

Barking Riverside (currently in consultation)

Barking Riverside is the largest housing development in east London, with planning permission for up to 10,800 new homes, as well as healthcare, shopping, community and leisure facilities.

We are proposing to develop a 4km extension (1.5km of new track) of the London Overground Gospel Oak to Barking line into the Barking Riverside development in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. This will be supported by a new station at the heart of the development.

The extension will provide an essential rail link to support the development of Barking Riverside, serving both new and existing residents. It will enable the delivery of up to 10,800 new homes, many of which will be affordable, as well as a new school and healthcare facilities. It will facilitate an interchange at Barking with the existing Fenchurch Street line and the District and Hammersmith & City lines, improving transport infrastructure to the area.

Old Oak Common station

The High Speed Two (HS2) railway project plans to provide a new station at Old Oak Common, with interchange between HS2, Crossrail and National Rail services.

Current proposals do not include a connection to the London Overground rail services that currently pass through the area. We feel this is a missed opportunity to fully integrate HS2 into the capital's transport network. We are looking to put forward the case for an interchange between London Overground services and the new HS2/Crossrail station at Old Oak Common.

A new London Overground station would allow passengers to interchange between HS2, Crossrail and London Overground services. HS2 passengers would be able to change for journeys south towards Clapham Junction and Richmond, or east towards Stratford without having to enter central London.

The new station would also allow passengers travelling to Heathrow from southwest London the opportunity to change at Old Oak Common, where they can board Heathrow Express and Crossrail services.

Current users of the Overground services in the area would also be able to access HS2 without travelling into central London and would also be able to take advantage of east/west links offered by Crossrail.

The interchange will make journeys quicker and easier across west London, which historically has lacked high quality interchanges between orbital and radial public transport routes. Access to Heathrow Airport will be greatly improved.

Continued devolution of London's suburban rail networks

London needs more and better rail services to support its rapid growth. This means devolving existing suburban routes to us - improving the service and integrating underused rail lines into our network for the benefit of all Londoners.

We will continue to support the Mayor's ambition for the further devolution of London's rail franchises to TfL with the aim of delivering improved reliability and capacity across London's suburban rail network into 2016 and beyond. This will bring benefits such as:

  • Staff at every station whenever trains are running
  • More accessible stations, including a turn up and go service for anyone needing ramps onto trains and lift access
  • Access to customer information including London Overground Twitter and Journey Planner, making it easier for customers to plan their journeys and get reliable and up-to-date information
  • Cleaner stations
  • A more reliable service

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