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Wi-Fi at Tube stations

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We have partnered with Virgin Media to bring Wi-Fi to over 260 London Underground stations and Victoria Coach Station - more than 97% of the London Underground network.

You can use the Wi-Fi service to go online anywhere in those Tube stations - in ticket halls and walkways, and on platforms.

If you're a Virgin Media, EE, O2 or Three customer you can use the Wi-Fi service for free as part of your plan.

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Getting started with Wi-Fi

Everyone can access the Virgin Media portal which includes our latest travel information. It's quick and easy to get started.

Choose your provider from the list below and follow their instructions:


How to get access

Virgin Media Broadband and Mobile Download the Virgin Media WiFi app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Visit the EE Help page


Visit the BT Help page


Select O2 Wi-Fi from your Wi-Fi settings, sign up and confirm the phone you will be using.

When you are on the Underground, open your browser and select O2 from the dropdown list.


Log into your My3 account and change settings when above ground.

When in the station, connect to Virgin Media Wi-Fi, open your browser, select Three from the 'Other providers' dropdown list and log in using your Three number and the password you set up.

WiFi Pass (For customers who are not on any of the above listed networks)

Go to WiFi Pass page, register with your email address and choose a password to set up for the first time. You'll then need to buy a WiFi Pass to get access to the internet.

If you can't connect to Wi-Fi, find out more by clicking on the link to your provider.

Using the Wi-Fi service

Once you've activated Virgin Media WiFi, your device will automatically pick up the Wi-Fi signal when you're in a Wi-Fi enabled Tube station. There's no signal in tunnels, but your phone will connect to the signal at the next Wi-Fi enabled platform so you can pick up where you left off.

Stations with Virgin Media WiFi

Virgin Media WiFi is currently available at all Tube stations and Victoria Coach Station with the following exceptions.

  • Wi-Fi is not currently planned at: Heathrow T5, Kensington Olympia and Willesden Junction Tube stations

Hints and tips

  • For the best experience, connect to the Virgin Media WiFi service in the ticket hall when you first enter a Tube station
  • Your phone remembers the Wi-Fi network you connect to most frequently. Open Wi-Fi in your device settings and connect to Wi-Fi in the Tube station ticket hall or platform to connect quickly
  • It typically takes five seconds to connect to the Virgin Media WiFi service at a Tube station (this delay is due to a security feature). If you are trying to connect at a peak time in a busy station (when hundreds of other people are also trying to connect), it may take slightly longer
  • If you aren't able to connect to the Wi-Fi network before you get on a Tube train, don't try to connect on the train as you travel from station to station. To save battery life, some devices extend the time that they search for Wi-Fi hotspots. It's better to wait and connect when you get off the train
  • If you are a Virgin Media, EE, O2, or Three customer, please register for the service before trying to connect. Further information can be found via your mobile network operator's website. Once you've registered, you'll be able to connect to the Wi-Fi service seamlessly
  • If you have any queries or issues connecting please contact your mobile network operator

Wi-Fi networks available

If you are a Virgin Media, O2 or EE customer, authentication is seamless via your SIM card. Once you've registered and you open Wi-Fi in your device settings at a Tube station, you'll see the following Wi-Fi networks:

Wi-Fi network name (SSID) Who can connect?
Virgin Media WiFi Virgin Media, Three, O2 and EE customers and any customers with a Virgin Media WiFi Pass
EE WiFi-Auto EE, BT Mobile and BT OnePhone customers
Wifi Extra O2 customers only
Virgin Media Virgin Media customers only

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or having trouble connecting to Virgin Media WiFi? Here's a list of common questions.

More information from your provider

Need more help or got a question for your provider? You can contact them as follows:

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Wi-Fi at London Overground stations

We have partnered with The Cloud to bring Wi-Fi to more than 79 London Overground stations, meaning you can browse, connect and share anywhere in the station.

Wi-Fi access is available in most ticket halls, corridors and platforms.