Staff from Keatons estate agents trying out Santander Cycles bikes
"It's a lot quicker than driving and it's a lot easier, because you don't have to worry about parking. It can be difficult to park in this part of London."

Give your organisation unlimited access to our cycle hire scheme. You can use the bikes for business travel or commuting, depending on the individual needs of your staff and your business.

Types of business accounts

Pooled business account

Businesses can buy up to 20 pooled keys for £90 each. Each one gives you unlimited bike access for a year, for all journeys of up to 30 minutes. For longer journeys it costs £2 for each extra 30 minutes or less.

Your business administrator can manage your account and keys through the cycle hire website, allowing your staff to share keys for hiring bikes (similar to a pool of staff cars, but much more fun).

Individual business account

Whatever the size of your business, you can buy a cycle hire account for a staff member for £90, giving them one year's bike access.

Simply purchase a set of promo codes - pass them on to your staff and they'll be able to register and link their personal bank account to the membership key.

This means your staff can make as many journeys as they like, and the first 30 minutes of each journey they make is included. Longer journeys cost £2 for each extra 30 minutes or less, and will be taken from their bank account.

Business codes account

Register for a Business Codes account and you can instantly buy 24-hour or yearly access promo codes which you can give away to your staff or customers.

After payment, your codes are emailed to you, with details and instructions on the type of code, expiry date and how to redeem them.

These codes will cover the cost of access to the bikes and include unlimited journeys of 30 minutes. The end user will then be responsible for any extra ride charges incurred.

What's in it for your business?

  • Improve staff retention
    Studies show that staff turnover can be reduced by up to 13% by the introduction of a cycling scheme in the workplace
  • Increase productivity
    Research also suggests that staff walking or cycling to or from work reduces absenteeism, with active staff taking 27% fewer sick days
  • Direct Debit payment
    Allow your business to pay any monthly charges incurred through a recognised safe and automated system
  • Sequential invoicing
    Automated invoicing sent straight to your email and stored online, allowing you to keep track of your accounting with minimal administrative burden
  • Automated reporting
    Detailed reports outlining useful statistical data, as well as renewal and expiry dates, sent monthly to your admin's email
  • Bespoke online account management
    Pooled accounts benefit from their own specifically designed management system, to help you manage your account and track usage
  • Corporate social responsibility
    With more staff cycling you can substantially reduce your organisation's carbon emissions, help reduce congestion and improve the air quality in your area
  • Save space
    Encouraging cycle hire usage can reduce the requirement for car and private cycle parking spaces
  • Save money
    The cost of business travel may be a deductible expense for corporation tax purposes. Your business may be eligible for such a tax saving if you use a Santander Cycles Business Account for work purposes

What's in it for your staff?

  • Easy to use
    Once employees have a membership key they can hire a bike at any time, whether for commuting or to get to a business meeting, then return it to any docking station
  • A new benefit to your staff
    Most staff welcome the offer of new travel options
  • It saves money
    Commuting by bike can reduce your staff's travel costs. They won't have to buy or maintain a bike either, and all accounts include unlimited journeys of under 30 minutes
  • Health and fitness
    Cycling helps reduce weight, high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and the most common form of diabetes

Cycling in London

Go to Cycling in London for information on how to make the most of cycling around the Capital. The section includes details about cycle training to improve your confidence and riding skills and where you can take your cycle on public transport.

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To sign up for a Business Account, please call our registration team who will guide you through the process to open your business account.

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