Cycle skills

We fund free cycle training for all abilities. So, whether you're a new or regular cyclist, you can improve your skills and learn from a qualified instructor.

Basic cycle skills cartoon bike image

Basic cycle skills

Practice off-road and learn the basics.

Improve your skills to cycle confidently through your local area. 

Urban Cycle Skills cartoon image

Urban cycle skills

Practice off-road and then move on to quiet roads to refresh your cycling technique. 

Advanced cycle skills cartoon bike image

Advanced cycle skills

Practice one-to-one to improve your cycling skills at complex junctions, in heavy traffic or at night. 

Family cycle skills cartoon bike image

Family cycle skills

Practice on quiet routes and through parks to learn how to cycle with children.

This session prepares children for Bikeability

Book cycle training

You can book these free cycle training courses in your borough.

Cycle skills for children 

Bikeability is a cycle training programme for children. They can complete three levels of training through their primary and secondary school: 

If your child's school doesn't offer Bikeability, you can search for courses in your area

Borrow a cycle 

If you don't have a cycle, you may be able to borrow one from your local borough cycling team.

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