Santander cycles - wheel guard

You should always put your personal safety first. if the cycle is taken from you by force, call the police. Then call the Contact Centre who'll let you know what to do.

Faulty or damaged cycles

If your cycle breaks down:

  • Return it to the nearest docking station and secure it in a docking point
  • Press the fault button on the docking point within 10 seconds - this lets us know the bike needs repairing or replacing
  • Or call the Contact Centre on 0343 222 6666* (see opening times)
  • Or report it online

Please note, you will need to wait five minutes before hiring another bike within the same bike access period. You will also need a new cycle release code every time you want to use a cycle.

If you hire a faulty cycle:

  • Secure it back in the docking point
  • Press the fault button
  • Get a new release code at the terminal. There is no further charge for this, provided your access period is still valid
  • Choose another cycle

If your key is lost or stolen

Immediately call the Contact Centre on 0343 222 6666* (see opening times) so we can deactivate it. If your key is found by someone else, they could use it to hire or steal a cycle and you would have to pay the charges.

Please note: until the user reports a key as lost or stolen they remain liable for any charges. For security reasons, once a key is marked as lost or stolen it can't be used again, even if it is found. Replacements for lost or stolen keys will be charged at £3 per key.

If you find a cycle hire key

Any cycle hire key fob that is attached to door/car keys must be handed in to a local police station. Once the keys have been handed in, please get a police reference number and inform the Contact Centre (call 0343 222 6666*, see opening times).

We need the name of the police station, key number and the police reference number. If no other keys are attached, please call the Contact Centre and we will advise what to do.

*TfL call charges apply.