How it works

Regular cleaning

All touchpoints on our docking stations and Santander Cycles are cleaned regularly with anti-viral solution. This includes the terminal screens, pin pads, handlebars, brakes, seat and basket. Remember to always wash your hands before and after travelling.

Extra staff to help

We're making it easier for people to hire and park cycles at key central London docking stations. Staff will be on hand to move and stack cycles to create room for more docks, meaning more customers will be guaranteed a cycle to hire or a spot to park at these popular commuting hubs.

Staff will be wearing personal protective equipment and encouraging social distancing around the docks. Find a docking station.

Use the Santander Cycles app to hire cycles when you can - you can go straight to a cycle and avoid any docking station queues. Also, you won't have to touch the terminal.

Step 1 - Hire

  • If you can't use the app to hire, go to the nearest docking station terminal with your debit or credit card (accepts contactless) and touch the screen to begin. You can't use contactless devices such as phones or watches
  • Choose 'Hire a cycle', follow the on-screen instructions and take the printed release code
  • You can hire up to four cycles at the same time (you'll need a separate release code for each cycle)

Tip: Santander Cycles are for short trips. Find out what you pay to hire.

Tip: Each cycle release code is valid for 10 minutes and only at that docking station. Cycles are valuable so don't let anyone see your code before you use it.

Step 2 - Ride

  • Take a moment to read our tips for safer cycling at the terminal
  • Choose your cycle and check the tyres, brakes and bell
  • Type your release code into the docking point's keypad and pull the cycle out when the green light appears
  • Adjust the saddle height and you're good to go!

Tip: The cycles have lights that come on automatically when you start pedalling.

Step 3 - Return

  • Push the cycle firmly into any empty docking point
  • You must wait for the green light, which will show that the cycle is securely docked (otherwise we'll keeping charging you for your journey). If you don't get a green light, call the Contact Centre on 0343 222 6666 (Charges may apply)
  • If the docking station is full, choose 'No docking point free' at the terminal and follow the on-screen directions to get an extra 15 minutes included
  • To find a nearby space if the docking station is full, choose 'Status of nearest docking station' at the terminal.
  • Remember, if you're not using the cycle, dock it back!

Tip: If the cycle is unsafe to ride, please let us know it needs repairing by pressing the 'Fault' button on the docking point within 10 seconds of docking it. Turn the saddle backwards to show others that it needs repairing.