What you pay

Hire and ride

Bike access for 24 hours
First 30 minutes of each journey
Each extra 30 minutes or less


  • You must return a bike within 24 hours
  • You could be charged up to £300 if you damage a bike or don't return it

Juan's journey

To hire, Juan buys bike access for 24 hours and cycles for 15 minutes to Trafalgar Square, docking his bike near by. Later that day he takes out another bike for 22 minutes to go to the theatre. Both journeys were under 30 minutes and within the 24 hours, so Juan simply pays £2.

Claire's journey

To hire, Claire also buys bike access for 24 hours, but she takes a bike out for 50 minutes. She takes another bike out later that day and rides for 35 minutes. Both her journeys were between 30 minutes and an hour, and were made within the 24-hour period. Claire pays £2 bike access plus two £2 extra ride charges. Her total cost is £6.

Latisha's journey

To hire, Latisha buys bike access for 24 hours, rides in the park for two hours, and returns her bike nearby. The first 30 minutes are free and each extra period of up to 30 minutes costs £2, so Latisha pays £8 in total.

Find out more about saving time and money by registering for your own key.

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