The ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year including weekends and public holidays except Christmas Day. It operates across all London boroughs. The M25 is not in the zone.

There are no barriers or toll booths. Cameras read vehicle number plates driven through the zone, which are checked against our database to see if they meet ULEZ emissions standards.


Advance information signs appear on major roads, indicating the distance to the boundary.

road sign

On the approach to the boundary, directional signs show which routes take you into the ULEZ and which don't.


Signs are at every boundary point telling you when you're entering the zone.


There are signs within the zone to remind you that there are cameras operating.

ULEZ and personal data

TfL publishes a range of information that explains how we use personal data for ULEZ (and our other road user charging schemes). This includes when and why the ULEZ cameras will start collecting data, what happens to your vehicle data when it is captured by our cameras and how we handle your personal data to enforce the scheme.

Learn more about ULEZ and privacy and data protection.