A witness statement can be made after we have issued you with an Order for Recovery.

You may only make a witness statement if one of the following grounds applies to you:

  • You paid the penalty charge in full within 28 days
    You must provide details of the date payment was made, the method of payment i.e. cash, cheque etc and who the payment was made to. Please note you may be asked to provide proof of payment upon receipt. 
  • You did not receive the Notice to Owner or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
    This does not apply if you just forgot to pay the penalty charge, mislaid it or forgot to make a representation. If you did not receive the original Notice to Owner or PCN because you moved address, ensure your witness statement includes details of your new address.
  • You made a representation to us but did not receive a reply within 28 days (rejection notice)
    This only applies if you made a representation within the time limit to the correct address as provided on the PCN and did not receive a response from us. It does not apply if you received a reply you disagreed with or if we refused to consider your representation because it was late.
  • You appealed to London Tribunals within 28 days of our decision to reject your representation, but you had no response to your appeal
    As above, this does not apply if you received a response but disagreed with it.

You must file the witness statement by the date shown on the Order for Recovery.

Remember the TEC may refuse your witness statement, if:

  • It is not signed, or
  • It is submitted outside the required timeframe, or
  • It is not made on only one of the four grounds detailed above

Do not send your witness statement to us but to the TEC (they will only deal with witness statements and cannot advise you on any other matters or take payment).

Remember, the witness statement is not a chance to complain or challenge the reason why the PCN was issued.

Proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against you if you make or cause to be made a false statement, verified by a statement of truth, without an honest belief in its truth.