London Tribunals manages adjudication services. Their decisions are final and binding on both you and us. We are independent from London Tribunals and cannot control their decisions.

To appeal you need to complete the form sent with the Notice of Rejection. Do not send this to us, send it to the address shown on the form. You may choose either a personal or postal hearing.

Please contact London Tribunals directly for further information and details about when your case will be heard.

Appeal successful

If your appeal is successful it is recorded as 'allowed'. This means that either we have reconsidered the evidence and now decided not to contest the appeal or that the adjudicator has considered the facts and found in your favour. This will mean that you may no longer be liable for the Penalty Charge Notice.

Appeal refused

If your appeal is refused, this means that following consideration by the adjudicator, the tribunal has found in our favour. The adjudicator will have listed the reasons why and given direction as to the amount that is owed and how quickly this must be paid.