Rules of red routes

TfL's red routes

These roads are London's main routes, and although they make up only 5% of the total road length, they carry more than 30% of London's traffic. (Most roads with a painted red line are managed by us, but a small number are in the hands of local authorities.) See a map of TfL's red routes.

Our priority is to keep London moving safely and reduce delays, not raising revenue through fines. The revenue from fines is used to cover the cost of enforcement and any surplus is reinvested in making roads safer. We want to help people understand red routes so that they avoid an unnecessary fine.

Signs and road markings along the red routes tell you what you can and can't do. If you don't follow signs and markings, we may issue you with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

We monitor the following on TfL-managed roads:

Local Authority roads

Most roads in London are managed by local councils. Roads with yellow lines or pay and display meters, parking meters or residents' parking bays are all managed by the local London Authority and not us. If you have any queries or receive a PCN in relation to these roads, contact the relevant council for help.

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