Blue Badge holders

If you have one, you can often park where others cannot. Make sure you display your badge. Signs tell you exactly when and where - always check the sign.

Loading boxes: Generally for up to 3 hours
Parking boxes: Generally for as long as you like
Red lines: You can stop on these to pick up and drop off blue badge holders but you'll need to move on quickly

Taxi & private hire

Always display your licence and exemption sticker. Private hire vehicle owners will now be offered red route exemption stickers at the point of inspection. We will not, under any circumstances, issue a red route sign to an individual whose vehicle is not on site for a licensing inspection.

You can pick up and drop off passengers on most red routes as long as you display your private hire vehicle (PHV) license. It will tell police, CCTV operators and other road users that you're allowed to do this. It also means that you'll avoid receiving a penalty charge.

You can't stop on the parts of the red route with a wide red line, pedestrian crossings or zigzags.

Bus lanes

PHVs can also cross bus lanes to gain access to the kerbside to pick up or drop off passengers, but must leave the bus lane straight away.

For information on our bus lane exemptions visit our bus lane page.


Drivers: look out for motorcyclists in bus lanes, especially when turning out of or into a side road.

Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians: look out for vehicles turning across bus lanes and remain visible when using bus lanes.

Red routes

Phone: 0343 222 3333

08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and bank holidays (call charges may apply)

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