Using our e-bikes

The new e-bikes will enable even more Londoners to enjoy the benefits that cycling can bring, from improved health to cleaner air.

How to ride

Find and unlock your e-bike

Look for the lightning symbol on the Santander Cycles app - this shows where you can find e-bikes. Then use the app or your membership key to hire it.


Start pedalling and the e-bike pedal assist will kick in.

An e-bike works just like an ordinary push bike, all of the bike controls are exactly the same as on any other bike, the e-assist will provide support as you pedal.

The e-bike pedal assist will support you up to 25kph. Simply begin pedalling and feel the power.

Dock the bike as normal

When you've finished riding, dock your e-bike into any docking station. When you dock your bike, wait for the green light to show.

E-bike pricing

Member type Hiring an e-bike Hiring a push bike Becoming a member
Single ride £3.30 £1.65 n/a
Monthly £1.00 £0.00 £20 a month
Annual £1.00 £0.00 £120 a year

Experience an e-bike today

To get started with our e-bikes, sign up for a membership key or download the Santander Cycles app 

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