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Suspended docking stations

Stonecutter Street, Holborn - for public realm improvements (mid-September)

Pall Mall East, West End, Sackville Street, Mayfair - due to power outages (TBC)

Walmer Road, Notting Hill - for gas works (TBC)

Macclesfield Road, St. Luke's - for footway works (21 September)


Removed docking stations

Cardinal Place, Victoria - due to building works

Copper Box Arena, QEOP - for development

Rodney Street, Angel - due to H&S

Portugal Street, Holborn - for building works

Whiteley's, Bayswater - for building works (replacement site expected live September 2019)

Kennington Lane Tesco, Vauxhall - for development

One Tower Bridge, Bermondsey - for Cycleway 4 works

Castalia Square, Cubitt Town - for relocation

Hammersmith Town Hall, Hammersmith - for development

Winsland Street, Paddington - for development

Updated Wednesday 11 September 2019