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Suspended docking stations

  • South Quay West, Canary Wharf - removed due to building work
  • Kingsway, Holborn - repair works
  • Wansey Street, Southwark - building works
  • Churchill Place, Canary Wharf
  • Webber Street, Southwark - station extension
  • Southampton Place, Holborn - utility works
  • New Cavendish Street, Marylebone - electrical works
  • Storey's Gate, Westminster - road resurfacing
  • St.Martin's Close, Camden Town - footway resurfacing
  • Jewry Street, Algate - resurfacing works

Removed docking stations due to Cycle Superhighway works

These stations will be reopened following cycle superhighway completion

  • Sidney Street, Whitechapel
  • Coborn Street, Bow
  • Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel
  • Horse Guards Avenue, Westminster
  • Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel
  • The Green Bridge, Mile End
  • New Road 1&2, Whitechapel
  • Cleveland Way, Stepney
  • Fanshaw Street, Hoxton
  • Bow Church Station, Bow
  • Stepney Green Station, Stepney

Updated Tuesday 1 December