Using buses in London

From Saturday 30 May, you must touch in on the yellow card reader through the front or middle doors on specific buses. For all other buses, you don't need to touch in at the moment.  
Only use buses if your journey is essential. 

Over 6 million people use London's bus services every day and your safety is our priority. We are investing in improving London's bus services, this includes making live information available online and at bus stops, customer service training for bus drivers and using the latest technology for new, greener buses.

Planning your trip

Our journey planner allows you to plan journeys by public transport across London. If you want to know about bus routes in your area, search our wide range of local area maps. Check for disruptions to your journey on our bus status updates page or use the TfL TravelBot on Facebook Messenger

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Oyster tap on bus

Paying for your journey 

To make journeys quicker and travelling simpler, all buses in London are now cash-free. This means you will need to have an Oyster card, contactless payment, a bus and tram pass, a paper Travelcard or Freedom Pass to travel on a London Bus.

hailing a bus

Getting on our bus services

At all our stops in London there is a sign showing the stop name, which routes stop there and in what direction they are heading. Many of our stops also have an information panel showing information about other bus routes in the surrounding area.

Bus drivers always look out for anyone waiting to board a bus. They will give you time to board safely, but once the doors have been closed please let the bus leave safely and wait for the next bus. Visit our live bus arrivals page to find out when the next bus will arrive.

All our buses are accessible. They can be lowered and have ramps for those who need help getting on or off.

Once on board please either touch your card or payment device on the yellow reader or show your ticket or pass to the driver. Please move down inside the bus and use all available space and seats including upstairs on double decker buses. There is a wheelchair space available and wheelchair users have priority over this space

Hail and Ride

Buses operate a Hail and Ride service on some of our routes in outer London. There are no fixed stops so you can signal to the driver that you wish to get on or press the stop button to get off at any safe point along the road. You will be informed when the bus is entering and leaving the Hail and Ride section of the route.

stop a bus

Getting off our bus services

To help customers know where they are on their journeys, next stop information is displayed on the information screens and announced on all of our buses. When your stop is displayed and announced, please press the bell once and in good time. This lets the driver know you intend to get off.

Some of our buses are fitted with hearing induction loops to help customers with hearing impairments communicate with the driver.

Closed bus stops 

We sometimes have to close bus stops due to roadworks, marches and sporting events. When a bus stop is closed, a yellow cover is placed over the sign at the stop and some stops will have information about where to go to catch your bus.

A message informing you a stop is closed will be displayed on the information screens on the bus and announcements will be made. You will also be informed if the bus is going to be diverted. Speak to the driver when the bus is stationary if you require more information.