How to apply

  1. Complete one of the meeting request forms
  2. Email it to the address on the form with any supporting information

We will let you know if your application is suitable for one of our pre-application services. If you're accepted, you'll have to pay a fee. All the income we get goes into improving our services. 


Once your fees are paid, we'll organise a meeting with you. This should happen within 20 working days. Your case officer will normally chair the meeting.

Depending on your case, other TfL specialists may come to the meeting. We also encourage all applicants to allow us to invite the relevant local planning authority and keep them involved in discussions.

There are now two types of meeting to choose from: initial screening or pre-application.

Initial Screening

This cheaper, simpler meeting has been created to encourage earlier discussions with TfL about your site's local context and characteristics, and which transport impacts are likely to be most important for your development project.

The feedback we provide after the meeting will help you to prioritise transport issues and plan any detailed analysis likely to be needed later - for example, surveys, modelling and safety audits. However, it will be high level advice only, produced using basic information and generic assumptions.

You should consider booking and attending just after transport experts have been appointed in your development project team.

This meeting can then cover:

  • Basic information about the planned development
  • Healthy Streets
  • Vision Zero
  • Parking
  • Key local routes, journeys and destinations
  • Key contents and analysis for the Transport Assessment

It does not replace or remove the need for a full TfL pre-application meeting later in the design and delivery of a new development whenever transport issues are complex.


You should consider booking and attending a full pre-application meeting once you have made some early progress on a transport assessment for the planned development. This meeting can then cover:

  • Active travel and public transport impacts
  • Parking
  • Traffic impacts
  • Urban design
  • Construction and servicing
  • Travel plan
  • Planning obligations/S106

There will usually be a site visit before this meeting takes place. We'll also invite a council officer unless you ask us not to.

Fees (as of 10 September 2018)

Initial screening

  • £500 (plus VAT)


  • £5,000 (plus VAT) if an initial screening has taken place
  • £5,500 (plus VAT) for one-off meetings

We offer these discounts to public bodies:

  • £2,000 (plus VAT) if an initial screening has taken place
  • £3,000 (plus VAT) for one-off meetings

Non-referable applications/follow-up meetings

  • £2,000 (plus VAT). In cases where only written advice is necessary, this fee can be discounted by 50%.

All fees are non-refundable.

Our advice

If we don't need to do any further research, we will send you a detailed advice letter within 10 working days. This will outline any major transport issues and any requirements we've agreed.

Your advice letter comes from the Director of Spatial Planning. It is never a response to any planning application.

Any views or opinions are given in good faith. They relate solely to transport issues.

The degree of detail in our letter will depend on the quality of information you give us in the first place.