Growth areas

What we do

We manage work on Growth Areas and create and implement best practice in our approach to meet the objectives in the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

Our responsibilities

  • Identify and define the transport requirements and outcomes or targets for specific geographical areas
  • Work with colleagues, the Greater London Authority and boroughs to develop and test the usefulness of different options to tackle challenges
  • Provide direction to delivery and project teams when deciding options to address transport challenges from growth
  • Work with delivery businesses to support the development, progression, funding and delivery of growth
  • Work with colleagues and London boroughs on emerging development. We always build collaboratively on existing governance and relationships

Case studies

Isle of Dogs and South Poplar OAPF

We work on Opportunity Areas Planning Frameworks (OAPFs). These act as supplementary planning guidance to the London Plan, applying its policies at a local level.

OAPFs are strategic masterplans that focus on implementation and delivery, as well as identifying opportunities and challenges that need resolving. They present the transport vision for the area, highlighting challenges and infrastructure or services that need to be produced in the short, medium and long term.

This vision allows sustainable growth and supports and improves the quality of life for communities in the area. OAPFs look at the requirements for an area at the strategic and local scale to produce the policies and objectives set out in the London Plan and Mayor's Transport Strategy.

The Isle of Dogs and South Poplar OAPF will support:

  • Between 31,000 and 49,000 new homes by 2041, of which over 19,000 new homes are already in the planning process
  • 110,000 new jobs in and around the Canary Wharf business district
  • Canary Wharf will become a Metropolitan Town Centre under the London Plan

Morden town centre

Morden town centre was identified as a priority growth area for regeneration in the Merton Local Plan. It was also made a Housing Zone with funding from the Mayor.

We're a major landowner in the town centre and are helping Merton Council make sure it's redeveloped in a way that supports the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

The Morden town centre masterplan includes:

  • Up to 2,000 homes, with 50% being affordable units
  • Expanded and improved retail offer
  • Exemplar Healthy Streets scheme

The Exemplar Health Streets scheme includes:

  • New public space outside Morden Tube station
  • Pedestrian, cycle and bus-only High Street
  • New cycle route
  • New public transport interchange and bus standing