Roadworks and street faults

Report roadworks

Keeping people safe at roadworks

We have produced a temporary traffic management handbook that sets out good practice for those involved with carrying out roadworks and other construction related activities on TfL's road network (TLRN)

Find out about roadworks

LondonWorks has information on current and planned roadworks taking place.

Find out:

  1. Where roadworks are taking place
  2. How long the work will last
  3. Who is doing the work and how to contact them

LondonWorks is run by us in partnership with boroughs and utility companies.

TfL lane rental scheme

The TfL lane rental scheme (TLRS) was introduced in June 2012. It applies to the most traffic-sensitive locations and times of day. It covers 69% of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN).

The scheme encourages behaviour change and minimises highway occupation, by applying a daily charge.

Roadworks Charter

The Roadworks Charter is a collaboration between TfL and London's biggest utility companies. It sets out a series of principles and targets which achieved together will ensure roadworks are carried out efficiently and safely, keeping disruption to a minimum and supporting sustainable travel.

Those signed up to the Charter will commit to improving their performance around failed inspections and safety related response times. They will reduce disruption to road users during peak periods and commit to sharing forward plans to improve collaboration. Additionally their commitments include improving provision for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers through their works.

London Permit Scheme

We've signed up to the London Permit Scheme for improved coordination of roadworks.

Highway licences

If you need scaffolding, cranes, skips or any other structure on any of the roads we look after, you need to apply for a highway licence.

Licence to undertake street works

If you need a licence to place or maintain apparatus in the highway, you must apply for a section 50 licence under the New Road and Street Works Act 1991.

Suspending cycle hire docking stations

The following guidance is provided for utility companies that need to arrange a suspension or temporary removal of a cycle hire docking station to facilitate your works