Passengers and accessibility

Assistance dogs

Taxi and private hire drivers have an important role to play in helping people with assistance dogs to travel around London. Read the Equality Act 2010 for more detailed information about your obligations.

Watch our short video on what taxi and private hire drivers must do when a passenger has an assistance dog:

Did you know:

  • Taxi and private hire drivers can't refuse a passenger because they have an assistance dog
  • Passengers can't be charged more for a taxi or private hire journey because they have an assistance dog
  • Assistance dogs must be seated with their owners at all times
  • It's illegal to refuse to carry a passenger with an assistance dog. Drivers doing so could risk losing their licence or face a fine

In the six months to February 2016, we successfully prosecuted seven drivers and operators for refusing to take assistance dogs, had seven prosecutions pending and were investigating eight more cases.

You can read our guidance for passengers about their rights regarding assistance dogs.

We also produce a leaflet which contains more information about the seven types of assistance dogs and your responsibilities to passengers who need to travel with them. This leaflet was produced for the private hire trade but it is relevant to both taxi and private hire trades.

Assistance dogs booklet and poster


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