Streetspace funding and guidance

Find out more about Streetspace for London.

The Streetspace for London guidance supports councils to identify and plan improvements to help people safely walk, cycle and use public transport during the coronavirus pandemic. We want to avoid people using their cars where possible, which will help us reduce congestion, clean our air and help people be more healthy. 

In May 2020, the programme provided an initial £45m to support schemes across London. Additional funding for improvements has now been identified and further information will follow shortly. Advice on how these schemes should be planned and delivered is set out in the LSP guidance below. 

Streetspace guidance

We have provided boroughs with data and analysis for identifying schemes and guidance on how to deliver them to best meet the aims of the Streetspace programme. You will find each guidance document below.

The guidance appendices include information about scheme types funded by Streetspace, such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, strategic cycle routes and School Streets, as well as guidance on complementary measures such as cycle parking. There is also guidance about consultation on Streetspace schemes.