Funding for your borough

For Boroughs

We are continuing to work with Government on securing funding to invest in making London's streets easier and safer to walk and cycle. In the latest funding settlement £100m has been set aside for this, to be shared between us, the 32 London boroughs and the City of London. This funding can be used for:

  • Existing schemes developed under the Streetspace for London programme
  • Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Schemes
  • Borough Cycle Network Development
  • Bus Priority
  • Crossrail Complementary Measures
  • Cycle Parking

Local Implementation Plans (LIPs)

We offer financial support to London's 33 local authorities for schemes to improve their transport networks in line with Mayor's Transport Strategy objectives. This includes the Corridors funding that is allocated by a formula reflecting transport need across London, and bus and cycling project funding following TfL analysis about where the best opportunities lie for investment with best impacts. Find out more about LIP funding.

Liveable Neighbourhoods - paused

We fund projects that encourage walking, cycling and public transport use through the Liveable Neighbourhoods fund. We have now resumed funding for existing Liveable Neighbourhoods.

Cycle training funding

Each borough will be allocated £26,000 in Quarter 2 to deliver Bikeability and Cycle Skills training once their claims for 2020/21 cycle training (including rollover budget) have been completed. Budget planning for the rest of the financial year is ongoing, and updates on longer term funding for cycle training will be made available in due course.

Cycle parking funding - paused

We provide funding to your borough for cycle parking to support the delivery of the Cycle Parking Implementation Plan. To apply for this fund and find out more about the eligibility criteria email

Mayor's Air Quality Fund - currently closed for applications

The £22m Mayor's Air Quality fund (MAQF) supports projects in London's boroughs that help improve air quality in our capital. This includes the Low Emission Neighbourhoods fund.

For community groups

ULEZ scrappage schemes

All Transport for London's scrappage schemes have now closed for new applications as all available funds have been allocated.

Over the past two and a half years these scrappage schemes for older, more polluting cars, vans, minibuses, motorbikes and heavy vehicles have proved very popular, helping thousands of Londoners and small businesses to prepare for the ULEZ and its expansion.

The scheme has committed over £61 million to support low-income and disabled Londoners, small businesses and charities to scrap or retrofit their older, more polluting vehicles and to help to remove over 13,000 polluting vehicles from London's roads. This includes 8,000 cars, more than 5,200 vans and minibuses and around 120 HGVs and coaches. A further 11 heavy vehicles have also been retrofitted via the scheme.

Many vehicle owners have already taken action, with 87% of vehicles travelling in the expansion zone now meeting the ULEZ standards, helping to clean up London's air.

For those Londoners who have already applied to a scrappage scheme, we aim to contact them within 10 working days with the status of their application.

Walking and cycling grant

Walking and Cycling Grants London is a programme which supports London's diverse communities to walk and cycle more often and more safely. It offers grants to projects of up to £10,000 over a three-year period.

Healthy Streets fund for businesses - paused

Business Improvement Districts and recognised business groups can apply for this fund to implement proven consolidation initiatives like micro-consolidation, cargo bikes and preferred supplier schemes.