Liveable Neighbourhoods

Our Liveable Neighbourhoods programme gives boroughs the opportunity to bid for funding for long-term schemes that encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

The programme supports the aims of the Mayor's Transport Strategy by funding local schemes to reduce car trips and improve neighbourhoods for walking, cycling and public transport.

Grants of between £1m and £10m will be provided for a wide range of community-supported projects. These could include creating green spaces and cycling infrastructure and redesigning junctions. The programme can also fund the widening of walking routes to improve access to local shops, businesses and public transport.

The Mayor's Transport Strategy sets out a long-term ambition to transform the capital's transport network and provide a fairer, greener, healthier and more prosperous city for all Londoners.

West Ealing, Ealing

The funding will support:

  • Improvements for cyclists along the Broadway to parallel quieter routes
  • Reduced rat-running in the residential areas surrounding the Broadway
  • Additional parking controls
  • New walking and cycling routes along the Broadway and in surrounding residential areas, including links to the new Elizabeth line station

Greenwich Town Centre, Greenwich

The funding will support:

  • Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Greenwich Town Centre by closing two arms of the gyratory to provide a more pedestrianised environment, in particular on the approach to the World Heritage Site
  • Improvements will also provide a safe cycling route through Greenwich Town Centre

Hackney Central, Hackney

The funding will support:

  • Improved bus and cycle routes into the town centre by reducing in traffic
  • Introducing two-way protected cycle lanes on Mare Street
  • A ban on general traffic at the south end of Amhurst Road
  • Making dangerous junctions safer, including Pembury Circus
  • Improved conditions for pedestrians and cyclists with proposals such as better crossing facilities and traffic reduction measures

Crouch End, Haringey

The funding will support:

  • Improved walking and cycling in Crouch End town centre by improving pedestrian and cycling conditions
  • Tackling congestion and improving air quality and residents' well-being

The proposals still to be consulted on include:

  • Creating a new square and public space around the clock tower, currently surrounded by traffic on all sides
  • Segregated cycle routes to feed the town centre
  • Upgraded more frequent pedestrian crossings along the Broadway
  • Reduced traffic on residential streets by restricting general traffic

Romford Town Centre, Havering

The funding will support:

  • More walking and cycling opportunities in Romford Town Centre by making the busy Ring Road easier to cross on foot and by bike
  • Existing subways will be replaced by pedestrian and cycle crossings at street level along with new bus lanes and public spaces

Deptford Parks, Lewisham

The funding will support:

  • New traffic restrictions in North Deptford to encourage reduced traffic
  • Walking and cycling opportunities will be improved by a new north-south traffic-free route along the former Grand Surrey Canal
  • New pedestrian crossings in locations such as Scawen Road and Rolt Street
  • Cycle parking and street lighting outside schools and along routes such as Woodpecker Road
  • New cycle routes through the Park linking to the proposed new Bakerloo line station (New Cross Gate)

Coppermill Village, Waltham Forest

The funding will support:

  • Regeneration of St. James Street and Blackhorse Road and will create walking and cycling access routes to the newly opened Walthamstow Wetlands
  • Transformation of Coppermill Lane into a 'cycle street'
  • Safer road junctions and crossings will be added on St. James Street and Blackhorse Road and the area will be improved with new wayfinding and planting

Shortlands, Bromley

The funding will support:

  • Improved travel connections for pedestrians and cyclists to Shortlands station and the surrounding area with new protected cycle lanes on Bromley Road and Valley Road
  • New pedestrian crossings along the busy A222 and Station Road
  • New public spaces will be created around the Shortlands War Memorial and Shortlands Village Centre along with pocket parks and improvements for walking throughout the scheme area
  • New pocket park and a new cycle hub will be built at Shortlands station
  • Introduction of school streets to make it easier for pupils to get to school without car traffic
  • Low traffic neighbourhoods will be created in surrounding residential areas, dramatically reducing the impact of traffic on these streets

Holborn, Camden

The borough is proposing:

  • Traffic reduction measures to improve the high number of road collisions
  • Improve pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • Removing the unsafe road traffic gyratory from High Holborn, Bloomsbury Way and Procter Street, making it easier to cross, improve the public realm by planting trees at numerous locations
  • Introduction of protected cycle lanes along High Holborn and Theobalds Road
  • Sections of New Oxford Street and Great Russell street may be closed to motor vehicles while a section of Bloomsbury may only be open for buses and cyclists
  • Pedestrianise Great Russell Street which will dramatically improve the setting for the British Museum, and a pedestrian focused environment around Holborn station will improve the locations safety
  • A scheme to reduce and consolidate freight and servicing will be delivered in partnership with the local Business Improvement District, BeeMidtown

Old Town, Croydon

The funding will support:

  • Improved neighbourhoods in Croydon's Old Town area, including Wandle Park and Minster Green, by reducing speeds on the traffic dominated Croydon flyover
  • Transforming subways at Old Town roundabout to improve safety
  • Reallocating road space for cyclists and turning an unhealthy Roman Way into a healthy boulevard with new trees and sustainable drainage
  • Improving connectivity between residential areas to the west of Roman Way and the Old Town in the east by introducing new walking and cycling routes

Enfield Town, Enfield

The funding will support:

  • Reducing vehicle traffic on Church Street by narrowing the carriageway, connecting Market Square and the shopping centre through traffic reduction measures as well as improved cycleways and footways
  • Improved safety at junctions for pedestrians and cyclists and introduction of segregated cycle tracks on Cecil Road, connecting with existing routes built as part of Enfield's mini-Holland programme
  • Revitalised Little Park Gardens and Town Park through the introduction of a new public space with closed motor vehicle access
  • A new 20mph speed limits to reduce road danger
  • Sustainable drainage on roads will help to reduce flood risk in the area while improving public realm

South Chiswick, Hounslow

The funding will support:

  • A new pedestrian bridge under Barnes railway bridge to fill a missing link in to the Thames Path at Dukes Meadow
  • New cycle connections between the Thames Path and the upcoming Cycleway 9
  • The redesign of Grove Park piazza to reduce motor vehicle access and improve pedestrian safety
  • The introduction of school streets and low-traffic neighbourhoods in residential areas south of the A4

Brixton, Lambeth

The funding will support:

  • Improvements around Atlantic Road to develop walking and cycling routes, and access to buses
  • Better technology to manage loading and servicing in the area while still allowing local freight access
  • Improved public spaces, widened footways and introducing a number of new pedestrian crossings, creating a much more welcoming environment for the area's many visitors, residents and businesses along Brixton Road
  • Introduction of high-quality infrastructure as three key strategic cycle routes will benefit from new cycle paths: Brixton to Clapham Common, Brixton to Camberwell and Brixton to Herne Hill
  • Introduction of low traffic neighbourhoods in Ferndale and Railton
  • A new fully segregated cycle route will link the Town Centre to the Loughborough neighbourhood

Freemasons Road, Newham

The funding will support:

  • Improved walking and cycling opportunities in the Custom House area of Newham, building on the Elizabeth line investment in the area
  • A high-quality cycling link between Custom House Interchange and Cycleway 3 on Newham Way as well as a network of local cycle routes developed to enable sustainable travel across the wider station area
  • A new town square and arrival point from the Elizabeth line stations staircase will be created by reclaiming carriageway space from Freemasons Road
  • Traffic on the New Barn Street underpass will in the future only be accessible by buses and bicycles

Bramcote Park, Southwark

The funding will support:

  • Reduced car use at the Bramcote Park estate and improved walking and cycling connectivity for local residents by connecting the area with the Cycleway 4, Old Kent Road
  • Residential roads on Bramcote Park estate will be closed to through traffic, junctions re-designed and streets made easier to cross on foot
  • Enhanced quietway to improve links to Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood, for which Lewisham Council was awarded funding

Bow, Tower Hamlets

The borough is proposing:

  • Revised traffic management in Roman Road to reduce through traffic flow; reliability of bus services will be improved as the transformation will result in one-way movement for general traffic
  • St. Stephen's Road improvements will feature continuous footways while plans for Old Ford Road include improved road safety and cycling measures
  • Increased road space for cycles will be introduced on residential streets throughout the area to reduce traffic and discourage potential rat running through Coborn Road and Tredegar Road

Ilford, Redbridge

The funding will support:

  • Creation of new access to Ilford Town Centre by improving crossing conditions at the A406 North Circular Road and the River Roding
  • Improved safely with new segregated cycle lanes in the town centre
  • New bridges will be built over the River Roding and Alders Brook to encourage more people to walk and cycle to neighbourhoods north of Ilford Town Centre
  • Access for thousands of new residents of the future Ilford Housing Zone to good quality public space along the river Roding valley and cycle links to Wanstead, Stratford, Barking and Essex
  • New walking and cycling routes introduced linking residential areas to Ilford Town Centre, Roding Valley and the Tunneling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA)

City Cluster, City of London

The funding will support:

  • Reduced traffic passing through the 'City Cluster' in the east of the City of London, an area with the highest density of business activity in the Square Mile
  • A zero emission zone will be created with innovative technology developed to implement and manage the zone
  • Reductions in traffic will enable streets to be transformed in line with the Mayor's Healthy Streets approach to create a quality environment for people walking, spending time and moving through the area
  • A programme of activity to open streets as public spaces, initially with lunchtime closures extending to permanent traffic restrictions in the busiest streets

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