Cycle lanes

Cycle lanes are listed in The Highway Code and are not unique to TfL red routes. They are separated from general traffic by a white solid or dashed line. Sometimes the cycle lane will be a different colour from the rest of the road. The start of a cycle lane is marked by a sign at the roadside and markings on the road surface.

Cycle lane road sign

A common cycle lane sign.

Using a cycle lane

Only pedal cycles and rental electric scooters can use cycle lanes. To make roads safer for cyclists, all other road users, including motorcycles and other types of scooters, may not use cycle lanes.

When you can enter a cycle lane

You may be permitted to cross the solid white line of a cycle lane if you are turning left or accessing private property.

You may sometimes be permitted to stop or park in a cycle lane, even when it is in use, but only when the normal rules of our red routes allow. Signs or road markings will let you know where this is permitted.

You may not drive along the cycle lane before or after these manoeuvres, and you should give way to cyclists using the cycle lane so they do not need to stop or swerve.

Cycle lane enforcement

From 27 June 2022, we may issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to drivers if you:

  • Drive over the white line of a cycle lane when not permitted
  • Stop or park in a cycle lane when not permitted 

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

If you break the rules or endanger other road users, we may issue you a penalty charge notice.

Find out more about Penalty Charge Notices.

For information about road signs, please visit The Highway Code website.

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