Replace your vehicle

You could upgrade to a newer vehicle that meets the standards or an electric vehicle. Find out more about replacing your vehicle.

Retrofit your vehicle

Check your vehicle to see if it meets the LEZ emissions standards. If it doesn't, you may be able to retrofit your vehicle with emissions reduction technology.

Emissions reduction technology

Emissions reduction technologies include:

  • Selective catalytic reduction, which reduces NOx emissions
  • Replacement Euro VI engines
  • Converting a vehicle to electric power

Retrofit technologies need to be approved by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS). This government scheme, funded by Defra, establishes common standards for all Clean Air Zone cities.

CVRAS has certified emissions reduction technologies for certain buses, coaches, HGVs, and refuse vehicles.

As retrofits need to be calibrated to specific vehicle models, and not all vehicles can be covered. We expect more conversions to be available in the future.

Information about the retrofit process and a list of suppliers is on the CVRAS website.

Vans and diesel particulate filters

Note that installing a filter does not guarantee your vehicle will meet these LEZ standards or the ULEZ standards.

LEZ retrofit grace period

Vehicles that have a confirmed booking with a CVRAS-approved fitter for a CVRAS-approved retrofit solution will be granted a three months grace period, during which they will not need to pay the LEZ daily charge if driving in the zone.

This three month period starts from the date we receive notification from the retrofit manufacturer and update your record. During this period, our vehicle checker will show your vehicle status as non-chargeable. If after this period your vehicle has not been retrofitted, your vehicle status will revert to chargeable.

Until our vehicle checker shows your vehicle as non-chargeable, you must continue to pay the LEZ daily charge when driving in the zone. These charges are non-refundable.

It may take up to seven days after your booking confirmation for your record to update. If seven days have passed and our vehicle checker continues to show your vehicle as a chargeable, please check that your retrofit manufacturer has notified us of the booking. If necessary, please ask them to re-send the information using the provided email address.

The grace period ends either in three months, or sooner, if we're notified by CVRAS that the vehicle has been retrofitted and complies with the LEZ emissions standards. 

After 28 February 2022, the grace period will no longer be offered. Vehicle owners that book a retrofit solution beyond this date will need to pay the LEZ daily charge until their vehicle has been fitted and complies with the LEZ emissions standards.

Information for manufacturers and fitters

To offer approved devices and services, manufacturers and fitters must be accredited by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS).

Reorganise your fleet

If you operate a fleet of vehicles, you could reorganise it so that only vehicles meeting the emissions standards are driven within the LEZ.

Pay the daily charge

We would prefer that your vehicle meets the LEZ emissions standards. However, if you're not able to take the measures needed, then you can pay the daily charge to drive within the zone.

Find out how to pay a LEZ charge.