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Second-hand vehicles

For some larger van owners it may be cheaper to purchase a second-hand vehicle that meets LEZ standards.

Second-hand vehicles can be purchased at vehicle dealerships and online, such as Autotrader, Cargurus, Exchange and Mart and Ebay. Auction houses, such as Auctioneers and Manheim, can be used to provide guidance on average prices. Make sure that the vehicle you purchase meets LEZ standards.

Leasing a vehicle

If you're planning to drive in the LEZ for a short period of time only, you may wish to consider hiring or leasing a vehicle that meets the required emissions standards. Please check the BVRLA website to find a rental company near you.

It's important to check that you are hiring a vehicle that meets LEZ standards or you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. Charities, voluntary or community groups can also source transport through their local community transport project.

See which vehicle types are affected.

A number of major vehicle manufacturers have put together bespoke offers on new models, to help owners of larger vans, minibuses and lorries affected by the LEZ meet the required emissions standards.