Exemptions & discounts

These are:

  • Specialist vehicles designed and built for mainly off-road use, but which may use the road for limited purposes (including agricultural and forestry tractors, mowing machines, agricultural and farm machinery and equipment, mobile cranes and road and building construction machinery)
  • Vehicles built before 1 January 1973
  • Vehicles with historic tax class
  • Vehicles operated by the Ministry of Defence

If your vehicle meets any of the above criteria and is registered in the UK, it is automatically exempt and you don't need to register with us. However, you may not qualify for an exemption from the ULEZ charge.

Non-UK vehicles

If your vehicle meets any of the above criteria but is registered outside the UK, you are also exempt but will need to register with us. See our Non-UK vehicles driving in London page for details. 

Discounts for showman's vehicles

Some showman's vehicles are eligible for a 100% discount from the LEZ daily charge if they are registered to a person following the business of a travelling showman and have been modified or specially constructed. Trailers and semi-trailers which have been modified or specially constructed are not eligible for the 100% discount.

For a vehicle to be eligible for the discount, modifications or special constructions for the purpose of the show must be either:

  • Used during the performance, or
  • Used for the purpose of providing the performance, or
  • Used for carrying performance equipment, or
  • Used for displaying animals to the public, or
  • Below the chassis level, such that it isn't possible to fit emission abatement equipment

If your vehicle meets the above criteria, you'll need to register with us to qualify for the discount. This applies to both UK and non-UK vehicles.

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