Charge amendments

You can ask to change the start date of a charge, the vehicle, or both the start date and vehicle.

  • Amendments cannot be made for any dates in the past
  • You can only change the start date of a charge if it starts today or on a future date

You will need the:

  • Number plate (Vehicle Registration Mark)
  • Receipt number and the charge start date of the charge you want to apply to amend

There is a £2.50 charge for all amendments.


You can request a refund on monthly or annual charges either for the full amount or for any unused days in the future. You can only request a refund on a weekly charge on or before the charge start date.

We don't refund daily charges or charges for dates in the past.

To request a refund you will need the:

  • Number plate (Vehicle Registration Mark)
  • Receipt number and charge start date for the charge you want refunded

There is a £10 administration charge to process a refund whatever the amount.

Rather than request a low value refund, it may be better to amend the charge to another vehicle or date. We don't offer refunds on future daily charges but it is possible to amend them.

Reimbursement for NHS staff and care home employees

Coronavirus update

The Mayor has temporarily extended the NHS staff reimbursement scheme to cover journeys made by NHS staff responding to the coronavirus pandemic, including journeys to and from work.

The scheme has also been temporarily opened to care home employees who work at care homes within the Congestion Charge zone.

NHS trust staff and care home employees should contact their NHS trust or care home employer for reimbursement.

NHS trust staff

To get a refund you must:

1. Be using your vehicle to carry:

  • Bulky, heavy or fragile equipment/supplies
  • Patients' notes or other confidential material
  • Controlled drugs
  • Clinical waste, contaminated sharps, radioactive materials or non-medicinal poisons
  • Prescription-only medicines, waste medicinal products
  • Clinical specimens, body fluids, tissues or organs


2. Be responding to an emergency when on call. This includes locums and agency staff.


3. Work for an NHS trust and your journey must be responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Journeys to and from work, as well as for work, are included.

Care home employees

You can get a Congestion Charge refund from your care home employer if are providing services to a care home within the Congestion Charge zone. The care home must first be registered with us. Journeys to and from work, as well as for work, are included.

How to claim

You'll have to pay the full £15 Congestion Charge for your journey and reclaim the money from NHS trust or care home employer. We'll reimburse the NHS trust or care home employer. 

If you paid your charge using Auto Pay the daily charge will be credited to your account after you have submitted your claim to NHS trust or care home employer.

You can't:

  • Apply directly to us
  • Claim for Penalty Charge Notices

NHS patients

If you are clinically assessed as too ill to travel to an appointment on public transport, you may be eligible to claim back any Congestion Charges and/or Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges from your treating hospital. Your hospital will tell you if you are eligible.