Quirky London

Buildings in Neal's Yard with bright coloured windows

Hire a Santander Cycle 

You can use your own cycle or hire a Santander Cycle for this route using our app or docking stations on the way. Drop off your cycle, enjoy the sights and then pick up another cycle.  

Start the route 

The route is split into five parts. You can also see the route on a map

Hop Exchange to Cross Bones 

You can hire a Santander Cycle from the docking station at London Bridge. 

1. Follow Southwark Street and take the first left at Redcross Way 

See Cross Bones Graveyard 

Cross Bones Graveyard contains the bodies of over 15,000 prostitutes and paupers who were refused burial in church grounds.  

2. Go back to Southwark Street and turn right onto Thrale Street 

3. Follow the road to the end and turn right onto Southwark Bridge Road 

4. Go over the bridge and join Queen Street 

Cross Bones to Golden Boy 

1. Cross over five junctions on Queen Street 

2. At the end of Kings Street, turn left onto Gresham Street and then take the second right onto Wood Street 

3. Follow the street to the end and then turn left onto London Wall 

4. Take the third exit on the roundabout down Aldersgate Street or you can get off your cycle and use the pedestrian crossings 

5. At the end of the street turn left onto Long Lane and then take the first left onto Cloth Street 

6. Turn right onto Middle Street and the follow through to Cloth Fair 

See the church of St Bartholomew-the-Great 

London's oldest church, St Bartholomew-the-Great was founded in 1123. 

7. At the end, take the second exit on the roundabout onto Giltspur Street 

8. Turn right onto Cock Lane 

See the Golden Boy of Pye Corner 

This statue marks where the Great Fire of London ended in 1666. It reminds Londoner's not to be gluttonous which was thought to be the cause of the fire by God. 

9. Follow the lane to the end and turn right onto Snow Hill. You'll see Smithfield Market 

10. Turn right onto Farringdon Street and follow it to the end, or you can get off your cycle and use the pedestrian crossings 

11. Turn left onto Charterhouse Street and continue on to New Fetter Lane and then Fetter Lane 

12. At the end of the lane, turn right onto Fleet Street and then take the first right onto Chancery Lane 

13. Take the first left onto Carey Street and then turn right onto Serle Street 

14. At the end of the street, turn left onto Lincoln's Inn Fields 

See the Hunterian Museum 

Inside the Royal College of Surgeons is the Hunterian Museum. It's home to curious collections of human and non-human anatomical and pathological specimens. 

Hunterian Museum to Neal's Yard 

1. Turn right at Lincoln's Inn Fields and then left onto Remnant Street 

2. Follow the street onto Great Queen Street and then turn right onto Drury Lane. You can dock your cycle here 

3. Walk up Drury Lane and turn left onto Short Gardens and then turn right at Neal's Yard 

See Neal's Yard 

Hidden away is the colourful little street of Neal's Yard. Home to quirky shops and cafes, there's lots to explore.  

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