Independent shops and markets

Person cycling on a Santander Cycle infront of a graphic of Spitalfields Market

Hire a Santander Cycle 

You can use your own cycle or hire a Santander Cycle for this route using our app or docking stations on the way. Drop off your cycle, enjoy the sights and then pick up another cycle.  

Camden Market to Passage 

Start your day by browsing through Camden Market - London's famous market with over 1,000 shops and stalls. 

You can then hire a Santander Cycle from the docking station on Castlehaven Road. 

1. Walk your cycle back towards Camden Market and cross the road onto the path marked Camden Lock East Yard 

2. Join Regents Canal Towpath and follow it all the way. Remember that pedestrians always have priority 

3. When you reach the tunnel, turn left and take the path up to Caledonia Road 

4. Take the first right onto Carnegie Street and at the end, turn left onto Charlotte Terrace 

5. Turn right onto Copenhagen Street and at the end, turn right again onto Cloudesley Road  

6. Follow the road and turn left onto Ritchie Street. Continue onto Bromfield Street 

7. At the end, turn left onto Berners Road. Go straight over the roundabout towards Charlton place and then turn right onto Camden Passage. You need to get off your cycle and walk along the passage 

See Camden Passage 

Visit Camden Passage - the car free London street filled with shops, restaurants and an antiques market. 

Camden Passage to Exmouth Market 

1. At the end of Camden Passage, turn left onto Upper Street 

2. Follow the street onto Islington High Street and then St John Street 

3. Turn right onto Chadwell Street and then left onto Arlington Way 

4. At the end, turn right onto Rosebery Avenue 

5. Turn left onto Rosoman Street and then left onto Skinner Street 

See Exmouth Market 

Try out street food from around the world at Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market to Spitalfields Market 

1. Turn left onto Skinner Street 

2. Follow the cycle path along Skinner Street and turn right onto St John Street 

3. At the end, turn left onto Charterhouse Street where you'll reach Smithfield Market 

4. Turn right onto Lindsey Street and then left onto Long Lane 

5. Go straight over the junction onto Beech Street and then Chiswell Street 

6. Turn left onto Finsbury Square and follow the road to the right onto Christopher Street 

7. Turn right onto Wilson Street and then left onto Sun Street 

8. Follow the street onto Appold Street 

9. Turn right onto Primrose Street and dock your cycle at Norton Folgate docking station 

See Spitalfields Market 

There's lots to explore at Spitalfields Market - from quirky gifts to delicious food. 

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