Direct Vision Standard for HGVs

Based on this assessment, the Standard will categorise HGVs using a star rating system, ranging from zero stars for vehicles with the lowest direct vision to five stars for the highest.

Understanding how much HGV drivers can see from their cab is essential in reducing the risk of collisions. Greater awareness of an HGV driver's direct vision will also lead to an increase in the demand and supply of safer vehicles.

At TfL, we will work with vehicle manufacturers and invite all HGVs to be modelled and rated against the Direct Vision Standard. This work will help operators and their clients to make informed choices when buying HGVs.

More information is available in the documents below.

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If you would like to discuss the new Standard please ask your relevant technical colleague to contact Hannah White, Freight and Fleet Programme Manager at Transport for London (TfL) at or or for all other freight-related enquiries, please contact


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