Driving near vulnerable users

What you can do

Safety tools

  • Consider having an audible warning device fitted. The cost should range from £400 to £600 per vehicle. If you would like more information on making vehicle modifications contact freight@tfl.gov.uk.
  • Get the best mirror system you can for your size of vehicle, one that includes class V and VI mirrors. By fitting a FRESNEL lens to the passenger side window of your cab, you can improve your vision of cyclists on the left hand side of your vehicle
  • Get a side guard fitted if your vehicle doesn't have one or a side sensor to help you know when a cyclist may be on your near-side. Discounted sensors are available from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) website.

Driving techniques

  • Remember your vehicle is huge compared to the vulnerable cyclist - an adult cyclist may only be the height of your wheels
  • Leave space at junctions for cyclists - don't cross stop lines or infringe on cycle Advanced Stop Line
  • Stay alert and look out for cyclists, particularly on your left side; wait for the right moment to pass cyclists and give them plenty of space when overtaking
  • Look out for cyclists when opening doors
  • Remain alert even in stationary traffic - pedestrians and cyclists may weave through queues of traffic
  • When turning left always indicate well before the junction and make sure your indicator stays on, even when you are waiting to turn

When turning left

  • Always signal and do so well in advance. A cyclist already on your left hand side or in front of you cannot see your indicators
  • Actively look for cyclists on your left hand side. If you even suspect they are there, pause briefly to let them get out of your way especially when pulling away
  • Remember that if you have passed a cyclist just before approaching a traffic light or a junction, it is very likely they will end up on your left hand side or just in front of you. Assume the cyclist is in one of your blind spots
  • Leave room in front of you when stopped at traffic lights to allow cyclists and motor cyclists a margin of safety

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