Mayor of London

Safety enforcement cameras

Safety cameras play a vital role in our campaign.

We've installed speed and red light cameras at sites where people have been killed or seriously injured (KSI) due to a driver going too fast or running a red light. On roads where we've introduced them, the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) fell by a dramatic 50%. That means our cameras help prevent 500 deaths or serious injuries each year.

Below is a map of our safety cameras:

Here are some more ways we're putting the brakes on speed:

London Speed Awareness Scheme

When a driver is caught breaking the speed limit by a small amount, we work with London's police to encourage them to drive more slowly and more safely under the London Speed Awareness Scheme. After coming to one of these workshops, drivers are much less likely to go over the speed limit.

London Traffic Light Awareness Scheme

These workshops educate drivers about the dangers of ignoring traffic signals. The scheme gives drivers the opportunity to assess their own driving and to give them the information they need to make the right choices about how they drive in future.

Be safe, slow down

Reducing the average speed on London's roads by just one mile per hour would cut the number of crashes by 6%. We're encouraging everyone to drive a little slower to make the Capital's roads safer.


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