Young drivers are especially at risk. Their lack of experience can mean they take undue risks. Almost 15% of collisions involving 17-25 year old drivers were speed related. Bus and coach drivers also present us with unique challenges.

Here are some of the steps we're taking:

Think slow

We've taken a range of steps to cut speeding across London. For example, we've supported the introduction of 20mph schemes, including Home Zones on Borough roads and speed cameras in over 300 key spots.

Coaching for coaches

To make coach drivers more aware of the danger they can pose to cyclists, pedestrians and other road users, we run special training schemes for drivers from London's major coach companies.

Bus to bike

Bus drivers have received cycle awareness training at a series of road shows. These events gave them the opportunity to experience a cyclist's view when approaching, overtaking and being followed by a bus.

Exchanging Places events are aimed at bus drivers and cyclists. These are run with the assistance of the police and are similar to those organised for lorry drivers.